Who They Have Not Heard From Yet

May 5th, 2016

Since the suspension of the campaign’s two final, non-Trump, candidates, all we are  hearing is how the establishment is not going to vote for The Donald. We have heard from former republican nominees like Mitt Romney. We have heard from the former Presidents like George W. Bush. We have heard from GOP leaning leaders like Glenn Beck and we have heard from our current Speaker of The House, Mr. Paul Ryan.


They all are in a freefall lamenting the rise of Mr. Trump. Some say they will not support him, some will not attend the convention, some are not ready to support him at this time and others think this is the end of the world as we know it.


We have heard from the Trump supporters as well. They say at last the obstacles to a Trump nomination are out of the way. They suspect there will still be some kind of attempt to trump Mr. Trump by the afore mentioned crowd and they are suspicious of anyone who smacks of DC insider politics.


And we have heard from Ms. Clinton the presumed democrat nominee. She is already labeling Mr. Trump as a bully and a woman hater.


Here is who we have not yet heard from, the second tier, ran our best choice but lost, anyone but Clinton, republicans like me and my friends.


Over the years we have dutifully put up with, campaigned for (grass roots door to door stuff), and voted for middle of the road candidates like John McCain and Mitt Romney. We couldn’t do anything more to help them as they refused to fight for themselves.


We watched in horror as the Left’s henchmen like Candy Crowley posed questions in debates that were intentionally misleading and untrue only to see our candidates buckle under the pressure with incredulous looks on their faces. Blinking unbelievably that some Americans could be so stupid as to follow the false logic of the alphabet television networks and the drive by media. The few times they actually had the opportunity to make some points against their opponents, they totally dropped the ball and let them off the hook. We have been beaten up, dragged down, and suppressed, for 7.5 years with liberal agendas despite the fact we have controlled the house and senate for the last 4 of those years.


So here we started 2016’s run with a stable of 16? 17? candidates to choose from. We all had our favorites and very few of us had the same single one in mind. We flipped and flopped in our own minds watching the debates and trying to discern which of these folks best suited our view of a fighter who could beat Hillary which is our ONLY goal.


Over the past year we have seen our favorites drop off one by one. Those candidates we would most prefer to have represented our views and our hopes for the country. For a while we might have liked the 2nd tier folks who were not frontrunners and got stuck at the proverbial “kiddy table” debates. Then we might have gotten excited when the Fiorina’s, Paul’s, Kasich’s got a chance to move up to the big deal debates because they scored major points on their less crowded stages.


We watched Mr. Trump defy political gravity and one by one knock out the low energied, the weak, the stupid, the lack luster, and the mild mannered of his opponents. All the while we held our opinions of him as “not my first choice” while his supporters did their best to help him win wherever he could.


Finally we came down to the nitty-gritty of the best of the best Rubio, Cruz, and Mr. Trump (yes, I intentionally ignored Kasich). Once again we dutifully did our darnedest to convince our families, friends, and anyone who would listen, that we needed to rally behind one candidate in order to give them the edge over “The Donald”. Even the thought of a brokered convention was better than tossing in the towel. All to no avail as the momentum behind Mr. Trump was in the end, just too much to stop or overcome.


But here is the guilty pleasure that we have not been able to express until now. We kind of like The Donald! No, actually we really like him!


Up until now we have had to obey our collective conservative conscience which told us to run the race up until the last possible primary vote was in. Up until now we have been bound in Christian hope to get a strong, solid, well spoken, person to head the attempt to turn our beloved country around. We honestly felt that it would have been hard to stand before God and man and say we thought Mr. Trump was the right person for the job in light of all the great options we had in the other Republican candidates. Sure we would have preferred a candidate that was pro-life all his life. Yes, we were attracted to solid conservative core bona fides offered by someone who had argued before the Supreme Court for the Constitution, or balanced a state budget, or someone who had healed a living brain. But we didn’t get one. Tough cookies! We will just have to move on. But wait! There is a silver lining to this rolling thunder cloud.


Oh my goodness! It’s like a huge weight has been lifted from our backs as we are free at last to vote for a candidate who can actually win against Hillary.


Finally we don’t need to worry that our nominee will fold up like a cheap suit just because Hillary is female. Or Just because it’s “Her Turn”! Finally we have someone who, although he was not our first, fifth, or even sixth choice, was always the one who could land a serious punch against any opponent dumb enough to take a swing at him.


So we watch this with a creeping unfettered glee as we realize we can truly say we did not put him in the position he is in but we sure are glad it is someone who can get the damned job done and get elected. We know from experience that he is going to take Hillary apart bit by bit. He will not be adverse to low blows if needed and he is not going to let her get away with lying or playing the gender card.


For the first time in a long time we will have a candidate who will be willing to fight for our side of the isle, our convictions and points of view. Someone to advance the front lines for us and our values!


When (not if) he gets elected it will not be because the establishment paid for him. He will not be there because he kissed anyone’s ring, got their blessing or asked their permission. He will not be beholding to special interest groups and he will not be dependant on the milquetoast namby-pambies who let Obama yank them all over creation the past 7.5 years.


We are joyful at the thought of a bully of our own who will take on and defeat the reigning bullies of the past 7.5 years who used “politically correct” movements, the race card, and borderline criminal executive orders to buck the constitution, commandeer things like national healthcare, the mass media, and constantly bend the rules ever in their favor.


Mr. Trump is going to be great fun to watch because to a certain extent, we don’t have a dog in this hunt. All our candidates failed either by their own hand or because they were personally too greedy to coalesce behind one another in an attempt to unify with an “anyone other than Trump” mentality.


Here’s the dirty little secret that I think is about to be unleashed on the unsuspecting liberals; deep down we are delighted that we have to vote for Mr. Trump! And, there are a lot of us! Our choices all lost in the earlier rounds so it’s not our fault that Trump is going to win.


Sure he was not our first choice but he is a million miles apart from Hillary Clinton.


So if our leadership can’t find it in their hearts to support him, we don’t really care anymore. If our current speaker does not want to work with him, we don’t really care anymore. If our party elders think he is a boorish buffoon who will embarrass them in the Whitehouse, we say fine, at least it will not be lit in rainbow colors in a attempt to tout unchristian judicial decisions and flaunt them in our faces.


The democrats have grabbed and lorded power over our side for 7.5 year and now it’s going to be our turn. Instead of bringing the nation together, Mr. Obama has driven a race spike the size of Mt. Everest between blacks and whites in this country with his feckless beer summits and by weighing in on serious court cases involving race before all the facts were in.


Sure we might have personally preferred a more kinder, gentler, next President to Mr. Trump, but I think we will slowly come to celebrate the fact that we failed in getting one.


My only fear is that I’m beginning to feel too happy about it. What I mean is that Mr. Trump will be a great president if he uses his powers for good. If not, he could become something as horrible as another Hitler or Stalin. Whether or not he does is going to be up to him. But mark my words, he is going to win next November because too many people like me have been too mad for too long.


So while the media broadcasts the recent petty dissention and hand wringing in the upper echelon of the GOP, keep your eyes fixed instead on the rank and file. Because now that we are being forced to choose the lesser of two evils, we are going to come out and vote in droves for President Trump! If you think I’m wrong , I say just watch and see!








PURGATORY… Is it Scaring the HELL into You? Click on the picture for more!

June 17th, 2015

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Oswald And The Herringbones Update

June 5th, 2015

Hey Oswald And The Herringbones Friends!

Neal & Mike's Real Happiness Workshop! - Oswald And The Herringbones

Neal & Mike’s Real Happiness Workshop! – Oswald And The Herringbones




I am just checking in to let you know that we are looking at recording four songs for your enjoyment and our archives. This has been an interesting time for the band we are all stretched in many directions. But we do try to get together and practice weekly if possible. For the last year there have been all kinds of things that get in the way but we do attempt to get together when we can. So it is art for art’s sake when we get things done and it is a lot of fun for us. Personally I feel like it is my therapy. I think other men often get together and go bowling or play on a softball team or even run marathons together. Getting together with Oswald And the Herringbones is indeed my way of blowing off steam and enjoying the familiar feel of hanging with three guys I love.


Lately what we have done is look at all of the songs that we have and tried to decide which ones were not recorded very well. In other words we are trying to record four of the old songs in a better way so that the quality of the recording can be archived. It’s interesting to try to pick which four songs because it is like trying to choose which one of your children you love the most. It is a task that cannot be done obviously. But there are times and seasons for each song and sometimes they are on the ascent and other times on the descent.


It’s interesting to note that this happens on a micro level as well. Even in a night of entertaining say for four hours in three sets with lots and lots of alcohol. Through a particular month of weekends one or two songs will come to the top as very fun and very tight and the audience will respond to them on a very positive level. Sometimes it is because the songs are new and other times it is because they are familiar. But even the band would note in a particular night that certain songs just banged it out of the park. While other ones were almost filler as we tried to get to the songs we really felt like playing.


In the early days of the band Neal and I often played songs with deep personal feelings involved in the writing. At least for myself, I often wore my heart on my sleeve and put out there all of the details of my love life etc. Later on as we became more of a bar band we needed to make sure people got up and danced. To do that we had to rely on the groove, rhythm, and pace of the tunes. The not so dirty, not so secret, dirty little secret about bar bands is that you must get people up dancing. That way they will be Thirsty and they will buy drinks. The whole purpose for a band being in a bar most of the time is to get people moving so they will buy alcohol for each other and themselves. Otherwise bar owners would go out of business hiring bans for people to sit around and listen to. So about a third of the way through our career we switched over from the Simon and Garfunkel type of sound and more toward the get up and dance sound.


Both served us well. The songs and the intricate harmonies that we built up in those first years definitely helped us out as we move toward dance music as well. It was merely a matter of finding the groove that best fit so that people could get up and move around and get thirsty.


Of course we went through our artistic stage as well. We were listening to the likes of Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Pink Floyd, the Beatles, Santana,  the Talking Heads, Devo etc. etc. a pretty eclectic mix of artists that fed into our particular style. So the big idea back then was to try to be dancy enough for people to get up and dance and drink and artsy enough that a record label might take notice of you. It was an interesting time. The big 80s was just that, BIG!


So now that were older we are not playing out very much at all. Occasionally we do the charity gig for tornado victims and food pantries. We very much enjoy playing out when we do. But we have decided to record because that seems to be the best use of our time. Also with all the new technology we can record things much better in quality and reproduce them faster than ever before.


Probably the most important thing about recording a song is that it doesn’t cost as much as it used to. Years ago we would spend up to $400 an hour for studio time. The same tracks can be recorded now for just pennies on a home digital studio. There is still an art to it and the engineer can make all the difference. Having a real studio that is set up to record is essential for basic tracks . But smaller things can be done piece by piece in our own homes and then married together as a mixed track. This gives us not only the financial advantage of it not costing us a lot of money, but it also helps to tamp down the fear that often comes when that little red record light pops on. It’s a stage fright of sorts, at least for me.


When you are recording at home you can use as many takes as you need to get the track down exactly how you want with all the feeling and precision that it needs to fit the groove. When you are in the studio you often have to balance the financial cost against your own performance. Sometimes this can cause you to freeze up or play something rather stilted and unfeeling. Recording at home makes it much easier to capture things the way you want them done. It may not seem like much to the listener, but the artist understands that their performance will be etched in stone so to say. They may take a pounding every time they hear that particular recording. Many of us wince at little bits and pieces that we know we could’ve played better if we were not conscious of the financial binds or had it to do again. I often wonder if some of the big professional musicians ever feel that way.


Anyway, with the advent of home recording we can get much of it done in the studio and then come home for our “icing on the cake” parts. So that’s what we are doing. Currently we are practicing the same for songs in a manner that will bring them up to speed for the studio. We will probably lay down drums and bass tracks in the studio and maybe some cursory passes at keyboards guitars and vocals. Anything that needs to be fixed can probably be done in our home studios. Of course having Tom own the studio nowadays makes us less concerned about the financial bind but it is still a consideration. We do not want to waste his time or the time of his partners. So we are working on polishing the same four songs and then we will attempt to record them and get them out to you our friends.

Remember you can always watch our videos on Youtube.com just search for Oswald And The Herringbones!

God bless you all!


Michael A Barone

Oswald And The Herringbones

How To Play Rollerchairball and Win Every Time! PART A

April 20th, 2015

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April 20th, 2015

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April 9th, 2015

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The End Of The World ~ VS. ~ The End Of You!

December 29th, 2014

Some thoughts on the end of the world.

As we see more and more evil happening on TV and around the world, I keep getting asked what I think about the world ending soon. New TV series seem to pop up almost daily dealing with The End Times or “Left Behind” types of Movies.

So I must ask; Is it all just a great big Disney Fun House ride? (Think “Pirates of the Caribbean” or “It’s a Small World After All”)

Perhaps this world and this life is all set up just to see what your actions and reactions will be. Maybe everyone deflates when you leave the room and it’s only you and God all along. Not to say that others don’t matter. Because they do (more than anything), but maybe they’re just part of the big ride.

We are all so concerned about the end of the Fun House itself rather than the end of our individual ride in it. Who cares when the ride is retired and put away? We better care more about when our own Fun House cart pulls up to the exit ramp. What kind of state are we in then? How did we react to the characters along the way?

Maybe the people and situations we meet daily are part of God’s vetting program to see if we are the kind of people with which He wants to share eternity. Of course He loves us, but He is checking to see if we can and will choose to love Him, through others. How do we demonstrate selflessness over selfishness? It’s a learning process.

How many times have we heard stories of saints who helped out a stranger in need and then the stranger disappeared? Or the saint is told by Christ Himself that it was really Him in disguise? What is that all about? If this whole life is not a proving ground for the next?

So, yes pay close attention to those around you. Meet their personal, spiritual, and temporal needs as best you can. But don’t be surprised when the ride is over for you. Keep your eyes on that ending rather than the Fun House burning down!

Hopefully the guy who took your ticket and strapped you in at the beginning, will offer you a hand up and out of your little Fun House cart as He speaks the words we are all “dying” to hear, “Well done good and faithful servant… now enter into the home of my Father”.

DO NOT SEE the movie “Noah”!

April 4th, 2014

Dear Friends, Catechists, Edge Leaders, Core Group, Parents and Teens,

I would be remiss in my duties as a Catholic educator if I did not warn you of the serious problems with the movie “Noah”.
There are many things about the movie’s portrayal of the biblical story that are VERY misleading and in my humble opinion dangerous to a Christian mindset.
The main issue I have with this movie is that it will confuse and mislead in areas where we already have confusion, ignorance, and poor catechesis about our story as God’s people.
The movie only loosely connects to anything that can be called “Scriptural”, and it takes MANY liberties with the Truth as we have been given it in God’s living word; the bible.
It you have seen the movie already, as many people have, please take a few minutes to read the actual biblical story starting in the 6th chapter of the Book of Genesis. In this manner you will at least know the correct version of the story.
Please do not let your children watch this movie it will plant ideas and concepts in their minds which will be contrary to the Truth.
If you want to see a good Catholic Movie this Lenten season, go see “God’s Not Dead”. Written by two very Catholic men, it is a far better use of your time and money.
I have not yet seen “Son of God”. I am hoping it will be a good portrayal of Jesus Christ. If it is not I will let you know.
If you have seen “Noah” and have questions about the biblical accuracy or my sharp criticism of the movie, feel free to call, write, or just come by my office for details.
Do all that you can to warn other believing Christians not to see this movie.
God bless you all!
In His Peace,
Michael A. Barone
Director of Youth Ministry
SJOA Catholic Church


We Have A Pope! ~ VIVA IL PAPA!

March 13th, 2013

Francis 1st






We have a new POPE! May God bless him with a great pontificate! Pray that “Francis the 1st” will be able to “Rebuild” God’s Church just like St. Francis of Assisi!


Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana on Conclave and Electing a Pope

March 12th, 2013






Click Here to listen to the interview I was able to do with Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana while I was with St. Gabriel Radio (then 1580 AM now 820 AM Columbus, Ohio).

He addresses the workings of the conclave that voted for Pope Benedict XVI and the possibility of him being elected Pope at this current conclave around 45:30 into the interview and up to about 55:30. Very worth listening to. Check Him Out!

Michael A. Barone ~ www.Stmichaelspod.com