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Here are a bunch of old Barone & Havener Tunes. Neal and I have started to play out again as a duo. These tunes are the old copies from my old tapes so deal with the fidelity issues etc. But they are not half bad. If you know the tunes they’re really kind of fun to listen to. Just remember these are the old tapes of us as a duo not as Oswald And The Herringbones

Also, some of these songs are on the Oswald And The Herringbones page as well but I’m pretty sure they are different versions of the tunes. These tunes on this page go way back to our first shows together.

Here are your choices:

Oh Yes! Oh No!
I’m Not Going To Sing Anymore
Alice’s Rigatoni (written for Kathleen)
Jealous Mind – a remake in progress
As Soft As A Snowflake
Jealous Mind
My Old Friend (Written for Dave Fox)
Santa Maria
The Ballad Of John and Lisa

P.S. Click Here for a video of The Ballad Of John And Lisa.

Well that is it for now I’m off to find good cuts of “At The Point” “Are You Lonely”and “Last Saturday Night”

Hope you enjoy these while you wait for the next batch. Also, keep watching for Neal and I to be playing out live!

Peace In Christ!
Michael A. Barone