Electra MPC Volcan X950

This was my Electra Vulcan X950 MPC. I sold it because I bought my 12th guitar and my wife was going to kill me when she saw the credit card bill  . This baby was very nice! I had her for over 10 years. Here is the basic information from The Electra Forums Website: Set neck with antique sunburst finish on flamed maple top. Original body design resembles an evolved LP with “1 1/2 cutaway”. Chrome hardware, small block inclys on rosewood fingerboard, MPC onboard electronics.

I would add that the nut is brass which gives it monster sustain. All parts are original and only a few tiny marks that could be seen. Click on the pictures to enlarge them!

It had one MPC (Phase Shifter) module and of course there was room for a second.


IMG_20140410_224915_341 IMG_20140410_225032_032 IMG_20140410_225059_957 IMG_20140410_225251_119 IMG_20140410_225353_369 IMG_20140410_225428_301 IMG_20140410_225500_506 IMG_20140410_225550_320 IMG_20140410_225612_705 IMG_20140410_225718_500 IMG_20140410_231406_658