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Sunday, May 6th, 2012








Hey All,  I’m working on a tune for and PDHC here in Columbus. Their President Tim Welsh asked me to consider writing something for them at the Catholic Men’s Conference  this year. I recruited Neal Havener to help me with the bridge to the song and off I went.

It is a work in progress with lyrics yet to be written but here it is as it stands today.

The tune is supposed to help a runner or walker in a marathon or 5K or whatever to set a pace. They walk or run to raise money for the Single Mothers who are looking to be able to keep their children rather than abort them. It is a very worthy cause and takes care of those who are here and alive now so please visit their site and pledge to support Tim Welsh as he runs for the cause.

You can make a difference. Let me know what you think!

Michael A. Barone

Oswald And The Herringbones

OBAMACARE or “How the Pro-Choice folks just shot a major hole in the bottom of their own privacy boat!”

Friday, March 26th, 2010

“What is good for the goose…eventually may cook it!”

When you hand over 1/6 of the economy to the government there will be consequences to all sides of individual freedom. Whoever controls the government will control Healthcare.

We are told that under the new Healthcare reform we will not have rationed healthcare. However, there is no doubt in most people’s mind that this is not the case.

Realistically, we already had rationed government healthcare. Medicare and Medicaid already have refused to pay for certain procedures and operations on an individual basis. So have many individual insurance companies.

We know government run Medicare and Medicaid are both perilously close to being financially broke if they are not already insolvent. Reports out today say Social Security, according to the Congressional Budget Office, will reach its tipping point 6 years earlier than was projected. The tipping point is the beginning of being financially unsustainable.

This may be due to bad management, after all, the government is not known for being frugal with our money. Anyone remember $400 hammers and $600 toilet seats? So here is the deal.

Part of the argument put forth in early cases about abortion was that it was a right to privacy matter between a woman and her doctor. How often have we Pro-lifers heard the rhetoric that it is not any of our business and that you can not legislate morality?

Pro-Choice Abortion providers like Planned Parenthood have tossed that in the public arena for years leaving many of us thinking that, apart from our belief in the inalienable Right to Life given by our Creator, there is little ground we can stand on when it comes to this “privacy” issue. After all, who are we to say you can not do what you want with your own body?

Keep in mind that we do not believe it is just the body, or just the life of the mother that is being violated in abortion. Rather we believe that the life of the fully human, separate person of the child should have all the rights of personhood from conception to natural death.

We do not think the child is a “blob of tissue” or simply a “product of conception”. We believe the child is fully human, a complete person, a gift from God, from the first moments not just at Nidation which is when the fertilized egg attaches itself to the uterine wall.

(I only split this reproductive hair because the AMA changed their definition of conception to Nidation to allow for certain contraception methods which do not allow Nidation, or inhibit Nidation, not to be considered abortifacient. Shame on the AMA!)

Here is the Orwellian sized hole in the bottom of the Pro-Choice privacy boat which is now being enshrined by the democrats who sold or sold out to Obama care; government rationed healthcare will ultimately invade the privacy of us all.

The new Obama-care bill provides for the government to set up a mechanism, a bureaucracy, or panel to decide if any of us, but particularly those of us outside of their predetermined useful age restriction (18-35 years old) are worthy of any medical procedure at all.

Just as it will not matter that your doctor will decide with you that you “need” a new knee or hip joint, so it will not matter that a mother and her doctor decide that she “needs” an Abortion. Not only will there no longer be a right to abortion on demand, it will be a responsibility of all pregnant mothers to provide to the government, drone workers for the better good of all.

Just as the government may say the following:

“Sure you can get that new heart you need, if you sign here. After all we are taking care of you and granting you an extension on your natural life, can’t you give back to your country a few years of good service? And if you allow us to, we will keep you living as long as you like the only cost to you will be indentured servitude.”
If you get too tired we may have to keep you alive just long enough to pay off your debt to us before we let you die.

If you think this is too far into the future, all you need do is listen to the chorus of “Sixteen Tons” by Tennessee Ernie Ford,

“You load sixteen tons, what do you get
Another day older and deeper in debt
Saint Peter don’t you call me ’cause I can’t go
I owe my soul to the company store.”

The government already is weighing in on who lives and who dies based on quality of life issues, if you don’t believe me go ask Terri Schiavo!

The new Obama care may just as well say this to the Abortion minded mothers:

“You don’t want this baby, but we need this baby to work in the factory or the fields, so to say, we need this baby to pay into the tax system which is currently broke. We need this baby, which you may well have given up all rights to when you decided to conceive of it. You are young. You are healthy. We deem you quite capable to carry this baby to term and give birth to it with little or no damage to your body.

After all, that is what your body was designed to do; to breed. The utility to the state of the child you carry now outweighs your discomfort, fear, physical danger in pregnancy and you will not be afforded the operation which you desire. Consider your request for this reproductive healthcare option “denied” by your government. Have a nice day!”

So when the strength and utility of youth to the common good, as determined by the State, begin to outweigh the value of human life due to “quality of life” issues, pregnant mothers will be told they must bear the children for the good of the State.

The inconvenience of a “crisis pregnancy” may well be waved off like a pesky fly.

Sure in the case of the “Health of the Mother being in such grave danger that her life is threatened” abortion will be allowed. Hell, then it will be celebrated as a sacrament by the government.

But seriously, and we reach the point of this writing now, how often is an Abortion really necessary to save the life of the mother?

How much more often is it really just a personal choice of convenience decided on in privacy between the Mother and her Doctor? Realistically, how often is it just wrapped in the pretty and socially acceptable package called “Health of the Mother”? Those of us who have been on the front lines praying and sidewalk counseling at the Abortion Mills, know the answer to that question.

Even in the case of the mental health of the Mother, if she is lame in any way, older, worn out, tired, or just not what the government deems socially acceptable, what are her chances of fighting the system? She could appeal a government denial of her right to this “reproductive healthcare procedure” all the way to the Supreme Court. Of course by the time her case is heard she would have already given birth or died trying.

Tragically, with the State involved it could happen that after she has carried the child through all the inconveniences, humiliations, discomforts, physical pains, etc. which she would have cited as reasons to end her pregnancy in her appeal to the “government reproductive healthcare decision board”, they may well deem her unworthy of motherhood due to mental or physical disabilities.

Now remember in doing so they could well make the case, even after all her sacrifice and even once the maternal endorphins kicked in, and once she had decided she wanted to keep her baby, that she is an unfit mother by her own admission. Then the State could remove the child from her and send it to where they deem it would be best cared for, nurtured, raised to adulthood, tested for ability and then sent to work in the best interest of the people. There the adult child will “redeem” himself to the government that saved his life and raised him to be a good citizen of the New World Order.

Yes, we in the Pro-Life side of the argument have something to celebrate. The Obama care healthcare reform just might have legislated morality for us, but at what cost?