Oswald And The Herringbones

OK Class of 1979! Here are some more postings of Oswald And The Herringbone tunes in case you have come here to get ready for the reunion gig! There are more tunes further down this page too!
Echos Willie Pheonix Version
My Baby Don’t Tell Me Lies
Beware The Dogs 1988 Cleveland Browns Version
Kathy – Pre Album Version
Jealous Mind

I’ll post more in a few days!
Michael A. Barone


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OK! Here is how we are going to do this. I am going to post tunes by Oswald And The Herringbones to this page. They are going to be scattered versions scanning our many years. Some will be very poorly recorded, that is to say the quality was not all that great but they will be here anyway to give you some idea of the depth and changes for the span of years we played.

I will add tunes here every now and then. It is going to take me a few months to post all our tunes because we have around 300. So bear with me. The songs will not be in cronological order. They are just going to be posted in what ever order I can get them here. The id3 tags will give the dates of the recordings where ever I can get them edited.

Feel free to snag the tunes for your ipods and get into the band. We have great fun doing this for you so have great fun listening too. One thing to remember; if you do not like something by us, go to the next tune. They will rarely sound the same. We do all kinds of styles and genres so don’t run out on us if you don’t like a certain style or song. Just go to the next one! Happy Listening!
Michael A. Barone
Oswald And The Herringbones

Here are the songs:

My Father Didn’t Fight In The War (Bethel Rd. Studio Version)

My Father Didn’t Fight In The War (Norm’s Basement Version)

Standing In Line

Running Drag (Delashmut Rd. Studio Version)

Running Drag (Delashmut Rd. Studio Pre-Album Version)

Running Drag (Final Album Cut)


At The Point

Alice’s Rigatoni

Dishwasher Blues (Neal’s basement)

Hey Oh

I Think She Knows I’m Lethal (Delashmut Rd. Studio Worktape)

Rain (1982 Recording Workshop Studio)

Not Gonna

Be By Yourself

I Love You Baby ( What’s The Matter With You?)

Where To Go

(Let’s Make) Romance

My Friends Have Become Wolves (( By the way, this is true now more than ever!))

Together We Are One

The Barberettes

(Hang On) Sloopy

Ok! This is all I have had time to post as of 3-17-05 I will be posting more tunes soon. If you get crazy for more Click Here
There are 19 more songs by us that you can get as well.

Post to you soon!
Michael A. Barone
Oswald And The Herringbones

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These are add-ons. April 18th 2005.

I got a very nice email from Brian Smith stating that he had “in a fit of nostalgia” done a search on the internet to see if he could find some Oswald And The Herringbones tunes. Little did he know that he would stumble across this minor goldmine plethora of OATH songs. Never doubt the power of the World Wide Web.

Apparently Brian’s wife and his friends are big OATH fans too. They have requested a tune called Cross-town Shuffle.

This song was a hoot to play…literally since I played the sax on it! There are all kinds of hidden meanings in the lyrics, see if you can find some meaning for yourself. We used to challenge everyone at our concerts to try to dance all the way through the song. Most of these versions of it are around 10 minutes long, but occasionally we went for the gold and made it really long for a Jane Fonda Workout version (Our record was 22 minutes one night).

The first version I’m posting is one from the house studio at Bethel Rd. Mark Merchant and Tom Boyer were engineering it and Tom was also playing bass of course. Cross-town Shuffle Bethel Rd. studio version. (1982-84)

When we finished with the tracks after days of mixing down we decided to add the traffic sounds which we created by setting one microphone up in our extensive driveway and driving all our cars and my motorcycle around in circles while we yelled back and forth at each other.

The last thing You can hear is Tom saying is “you Joker!” But since we were fading the traffic track out in the mix down, it sounds like an obscenity, but it really is the word “Joker” not the “F-bomb” as the teens like to call it now.

Tom caught a lot of flack for it from the rest of the band. Mainly because we knew what he really said, but we always acted like we were disgusted with him for cussing, and (to this very day) we never cut him any slack for it. (By the way if he reads this, I’ll deny I wrote it!)

This first version is shorter and fades with the traffic sounds. Neal is playing most of the leads with Tom on bass. The next 3 versions
A) (Cross-town Shuffle from “Oswald And The Herringbones – Live At Presley’s”)
B) (Cross-town Shuffle from “Oswald And The Herringbones – Victory Party Live At The Newport1985”)
C) (Cross-town Shuffle from “Oswald And The Herringbones – Live At Chelsea’s II”)

of it are the live dance mixes with various leads by Neal and Andy.

I hope Brian and His Family and friends like them still, and I hope the rest of you find a new gem or two as well. Thanks for caring enough to check back and listen!

Michael A. Barone

Ok Here are a bunch more tunes. These are from The 1st Anniversary Show at Ruby Tuesdays in the early 1980’s. This is Live CD #6

In Between Times
Nobody Knew Who He Was
Nuclear Bombs
Seeing Jane
Vedged Out
Rules Of The Game
Beware The Dogs
Dishwasher Blues
Lay Your Body Down
At The Point
Dreams 1st Anniversary Show Version
Cover of Heart of Gold by Neil Young
Hey Oh!