Why not a Second Class Citizenship?

 Second Class Citizenship?

At the risk of sounding to much like Kelly Osbourne on the left or Donald Trump on the right. I’d like to ask the question; what is so wrong with being a Second Class Citizen as long as the situation is temporary?

Here is a thought on what to do with the 30 million undocumented or illegal aliens currently residing in the USA.
Make them Second Class Citizens! Temporarily!!!

Ok, before all the racist name calling begins please understand this is an attempt at a compromise that would at least address the issues for both sides.
To the Left I say, NO they will not be able to vote (yet), to the Right, face facts! Deportation is not a viable answer so get over it and try to find a solution you can live with!

So, what are the main objections that some conservatives have with the idea of illegal aliens being here to stay? What issues are there that set folks against making these people actual Naturalized Citizens, or what I would call “First Class Citizens”?

To me it seems that illegals are seen as:

  1. A financial drag on the social/welfare/health systems
  2. A thumb in the eye of our legal system and the respectful citizenship of former immigrants who came here legally.
  3. A group more likely to commit crimes or be involved in criminal activities.
  4. A group which would, in the short run, favor one political party over the other which would perpetuate the financial drag on the social welfare system.

Again, these are perceptions that exist, some may or may not have a basis in actual facts.

Here is a simple but plausible solution to the problem. Like any solution it is not perfect and it may not suit everyone, but at least it is an idea in a political climate short on answers and long on accusations, anger, and frustrations on all sides.
Make them Official Second Class Citizens. Temporarily!!!

Before this idea gets the big slap down, hear it out.
What is the objection?

Is the term “Second Class Citizen” any worse than the things they are being called anyway? More to the point, what would being a Second Class Citizens entail?

Here is the plan.
Let’s address the four objections mentioned above.

#1. The financial drain on the different systems. This would be countered by setting up a separate account on the federal income tax level. All immigrants would be issued their Second Class Citizen card and temporary Social Security number. A portion of their taxes would go to this account to handle their temporary welfare and healthcare needs. They would only contribute to this account as long as they remained Second Class Citizens. Any costs dealing with their issues of health insurance, retirement, Medicare or Medicaid, etc. would be drawn only from this account not from the existing system. So First Class Citizens would not pay anything into the pool for Second Class Citizens.

#2. Although some would call this a form of amnesty, the Second Class Citizens would be allowed to remain here and work legally toward their First Class Citizenship. The time limit of becoming a First Class Citizen would be six years, one year longer than the current term of five years to become a Naturalized American Citizen. And all other current requirements would need to be met as well. This may or may not help move the population toward self deportation and waiting to go the current legal route.

#3. The most strict laws would be imposed on Second Class Citizens. Something akin to “One Strike You’re Out!” First Offense? Deportation! No second chances. Don’t care! Done!

#4. Second Class Citizens would not be allowed to vote for, or contribute to, any party or candidate until they have completed a minimum of two years as a First Class Citizen. In addition they would be required to complete (while Second Class Citizens) volunteer work for the two political parties (one year each) in order to be truly exposed to, and familiar with, both.
In addition each Second Class Citizen would be afforded a First Class Citizen mentor who would help them meet the requirements of their eventual First Class citizenship.

Once they complete the required six years as Second Class Citizens they would be given the same tests etc. currently used to legally become a First Class or Naturalized American Citizen. All money paid into the Second Class Citizenship tax account would be forfeited in order that they might help sponsor the next round of Second Class Citizens.

The new First Class citizen would then be eligible for all rights, responsibilities, and benefits of our great country.
It’s not perfect but it is a hell of a lot better than the arguing and fighting we have now!

An appeal would need to be made to the greatness and stature of the immigrants of yesteryear. National pride and the idea that we are still a nation of immigrants who come here to find Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness!

And being a Second Class Citizens would only be temporary! So get over the name folks!

Now, someone tell me where this is crazy and would not work. But give it some honest thought and add some constructive criticism.

Keep in mind the only other real option is a de facto total amnesty.

Just saying!
Michael A. Barone
Third Generation Naturalized Citizen