Ok, first and foremost this is performance art! Think of Sacha Cohen and “Borat”. These were fun little shorts Neal and I did to boost our internet presence and to have a little fun. Please do not send money! THESE ARE A JOKE! Still, enjoy them if you like and if you need to feel better about yourself please send your money to a worthy 501-c-3 organization. In the meantime we hope you will enjoy these little riffs on fundraisers. If you do not have time to watch them all at least check out Show 14 it’s my (Mike’s) favorite!

Mike & Neal

Show 1
Show 2
show 3
Show 4
Show 5
Show 6
Show 7
Show 8
Show 9
Show 10
Show 11
Show 12
Show 13
Show 14
Show 15
Show 16
Show 17
Show 18
Show 19
Show 20
Show 21
Show 22
Show 23

Show 24 – This is the secret “Missing Show” Some day we may post it if our demands are met! M&N
Show 25
Show 26
Show 27
Show 28

Will there be more shows posted? Only you can tell us! Do you want more? Write to us at Herringbone@columbus.rr.com and let us know! God bless you all!
Mike & Neal

Ok Click Here for our “Happy” New Years Posting!