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Been A Little Under The Weather

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

Hello Everyone!

Sorry it’s been so long since I last posted. I’ve been very busy with St. Gabriel Radio. As you know from previous postings I was asked to take over the management of WUCO as well as the work I was doing for WFOT. So things have been a bit busy. I also have been a little under the weather as of the last few days. It seems we are passing this around in the Barone Household first one and then another. I guess it helps that we have to slow down a bit and do things like post to our websites.

If you are a fan of Catholic Radio please do keep us in your prayers since we are really trying to do some interesting things for our stations. We are in the middle of a fund raiser for the expansion project which will get our signal out to 1.5 to 2 million listeners in Ohio. The management of the station WUCO has changed many times as we try to go from being a smaller faster organization to a larger but more effective one. There have been many good people who helped us along the way.

This is a strange time as we keep one foot on the ground and put the other one over what at times seems to be a cliff edge, while waiting for God to put the solid ground under our next step.

For those of you who have only dreamed of working in ministry let me tell you it is a real trip. I am reminded of my 7 years at EWTN with Mother Angelica as great things are happening all around us. It is an awesome time to be in the fields working for God. Every time it seems as though we are floundering, He pulls us through somehow or other.

So do keep us in your prayers and listen when you can. You can hear us in Columbus on 1270 AM, in Mansfield, Ohio on 89.5 FM, and on the internet at

God’s blessing on all of you.

By the way…

If you are looking for Oswald And The Herringbones materials look on the side of this page for the blue links and go to that page. We are starting to shop some of the old tunes and we are getting a few nibbles from some film and television producers. It sure would be nice to make a few dollars on all that hard work!

Peace In Christ through Mary!

Michael A. Barone