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Saturday, September 6th, 2008

Hello To All!

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I have exciting news which I know will be of interest to everyone old or young. has been given a wonderful gift which I want to pass on to all of you.

I want to tell you about something that is very alarming and directly affects us as podcasters and our listeners. We have an obligation to pass this along to all our listeners and to anyone who has ears to hear!

I’m going to tell you something pretty scary now but I’m also going to tell you one excellent way to avoid this thing and to protect all your loved ones from it. Please listen to me and act on my advice. You will save yourself and your loved ones from much future suffering and regret.

I recently did some digging and found many studies which are being done on hearing loss in the USA, and around the world, due to poor listening habits of people using Ipods and other MP3 playing devices. It is easy to see that our whole world is going deaf at a very rapid rate because we listen at levels which can permanently damage our hearing as fast as in 15 minutes. This is hearing loss that is irreversible and heartbreaking. The fact that we own and use our Ipods and Other Mp3 players is a testament to the fact that we love our music and our podcasts too. The studies available on the website clearly show that we are all going deaf quickly and what is worse we are deafening the next few generations as well.

If you are a parent you really need to see these studies.

Study 1
Study 2
Study 3
Study 4

Just look at these Ipod Levels! Thanks to Ciaran Hughes for the graphics!

Ipod Danger Levels!

They are very scary and the predictions for our future are pretty dire unless we begin to do something about the problem. Fortunately I have one of the answers.

I have been watching a certain technology for 20 years now which is finally emerging in a user friendly manner. This technology called Bone Conduction has been around since Beethoven’s time. If you know the story he finished his final symphonies even when he was mostly deaf. Many people attribute this to a false idea that he knew music so well he just remembered where the notes were. Certainly Ludwig van was a genius however those in the know are aware of his use of bone conduction to hear the sounds which enabled him to complete his works. By biting down on a wooden rod placed against the piano he could hear the notes even after his normal hearing was mostly gone.

We know how normal hearing works, sound travels in waves through the air and is collected by the outside of our ears the ear is shaped in a funnel to corral the sound waves into the ear drum. The ear drum actually has a few very tini bones behind it which move back and forth when the drum receives the sound waves. Those bones move tiny nerve endings back and forth generating an electronic impulse which is read and converted into what our brain tells us is sound. With bone conduction technology the sound wave is introduced to the bones around the ear. The jaw bone and other parts of the skull which vibrate the tiny bones in the ear behind the ear drum and we perceive sound that waty. Now because I know this technology may seem foreign to you my listeners let me assure you that you experience it every day. For example if you take just a second right now and lightly scratch the back of your head with your finger nails you will hear it through bone conduction. Go ahead and try it I’ll wait right here….Ok now think about chewing a carrot or eating something crunchy like cereal… you know how loud that is inside your head yet it is hardly noticeable to someone sitting right next to you. (That is if you chew with your mouth closed). So believe me bone conduction hearing is very normal and very familiar to you already.

25 or so years ago I was involved in a marketing project for acompany called JS&A they made a product called a BoneFoneâ„¢. If you are old enough to remember 25 years ago you will recall that we had transitor radios and boom boxes you held on your shoulder with one arm curled around it like a monkey. When JS&A came out with the Bone Foneâ„¢ it was going to be all the rage. It was a tube like device which was made for snow skiers to wrap around their shoulders and it played music through your collar bone. Very cool. You could ski and listen to you favorite tunes hands free. Again, very cool.

Being a young entrepreneur I approached the owners of the BoneFone and asked if I could help market the product. I was given 120 Bone Fones to use for a marketing survey which I conducted on teens and young adults at SnowTrails ski resort in Mansfield, Ohio. I spent two week loaning out BoneFones to the area ski clubs that frequented the resort. After an evening of sking with the bone fone I would ask the skiers to fill out a survey asking things like if they liked the experience, what they didn’t like if anything, how much they would pay weekly to rent a bone fone just like they rented their ski equipment, and how much they would pay to buy one. My survey was they run through a “chi squared analysis” which was a way to show what were called confidence levels of the product or the service being tested. My confidence levels for the BoneFone were astronomical. EVERYONE loved it.

So, I know you are all asking yourselves ok what’s the rest of the story we all know Michael is a poor church worker so why is he not a rich billionaire who owns land in Aspen, CO??? Ok three word answer …THE SONY WALKMAN! AHHHHH! It killed me. About 4 weeks after I had completed my survey I was up at the ski slope getting ready to sell the resort on buying a few thousand bonefones when some young skier who remembered me from the weeks before strolled up to me and said “Hey I remember you, you had that Bone radio thing…Check this out!” and with that my world fell apart as he pulled out a small set of the tiniest earphones I had ever seen connected to a small grey rectangle on his belt THE SONY WALKMAN !!!!!!!

Needless to say I was devastated.

Now I know the walkman is huge compared to our nifty Ipod of today but back then it was the killer thing to have. Within weeks everyone had one for Christmas and the Bonefone although it was a very different and more enjoyable experience, was gone and pretty much forgotten. All that was left for me was some bitter memories every time I bit into a carrot or crunched down on some Captain Crunch cereal.

Gone but sadly not forgotten. ..But wait now fast forward to earlier this year. I was digging through my old stuff and came across the old bonefone. By the way a new set of batter4ies and it still works like a charm I can’t tell you how many walkman units I have lost or trashed but it’s been a lot.

I decided to look into bone conduction technology to see what advances have been made. I have to tell you, and here is the exciting part, bone conduction technology is alive and well and it’s better than ever. And the best part is that it will save your hearing from the dangerous levels of the Ipod and other mp3 listening devices. Please allow me to introduce you to the Audio Bone headphone.

Audio Bone Headphones!
Audio Bone Headphones!

Enter St. Michael’s Pod special code “mike001” (at the check out) to order and get $10 off per pair! Click here to order! But don’t forget to enter my code at the check out! “mike001” You can also call 1-888-788-9088 to order but be certain to tell them to ENTER THE CODE for your $10 disount!

There is a company in Japan called Goldendance, Ltd. which has 7 patents on this new set of Bone Conduction headphones they call the Audio Bone.

WOW! Very Cool!

And I’m telling you they are excellent! Completely compatible with your Ipod they do not, I repeat for your deafening ears do not go in your ears. The audio bone sits right in front and above your ears like you were wearing sunglasses backward on your head. The best part is that the bone conduction technology bypasses your eardrums! The possibility of damaging your hearing is incredibly reduced! And the sound is just phenomenal! Studies being done in Atlanta Georgia show that Bone Conduction is far safer than in ear, or on ear, earphones!

Also, just like the carrot and cereal seem loud to your brain the person sitting next to you usually won’t even be able to hear the Audio bone phones. How many times have you walked past someone with earbuds in and heard the high frequency part of the song and the music leaking out.

With the Audio Bone headphones that doesn’t happen because it is not blasting the other person’s eardrums and bouncing back out. The sound is not even going into their ears it’s transmitting through their bones!

Now, to add some wildness to an already incredible product if you put your fingers in your ears the sound actually gets …louder! I’m not kidding this is an amazing thing. Talk about cool! And Safe! These are seriously a gift from God to help save our hearing.

There are so many applications for these headphones that I get choked up just trying to get them all out. Listen up if your ear buds have not already deafened you beyond hearing me…

With your:
Your Desk top computers
Cell phones
Office workers in close proximity of other workers can each hear their own music with out a cacophony of sound in the office.
Factory workers with ear plugs protecting their hearing can put the Audio Bone on and enjoy music even with their ear plug in their ears. Because the Audio Bone does not go in your ear… it stays outside like wearing sunglasses backward.
You can go to my website at and see them for your self. They come in many great colors black, blue, orange, pink and some other colors coming soon.

Audio Bone Colors

Audio Bone is a smarter way to listen
Don’t Block Your Ears – Listen to your music, without missing what’s going on around you.
Better for your eardrums – Ordinary headphones can cause ear drum damage if turned up too loud. Using Audio Bone protects your eardrums, which are the most sensitive part of the ears.
More comfortable. No pressure on your ears like ordinary headphones, and no ear wax.

The audio Bone is totally waterproof so you can swim and shower wearing them but you need to waterproof you ipod or mp3 player. And there are inexpensive kits which can do that for you. Just like putting you fingers in your ears will increase the volume of the Audio Bone, swimming underwater will do the exact same thing!
Think of computer labs in your library or school where there are many users at once this often requires the use of the old deafening headsets or ear buds.
How about this, since you do not have anything in your ears you can still hear everything around you. You can have a perfectly normal conversation with someone and they don’t ebven know you are listening to music while you speak

Parents, if you children put on ear buds and tune you and the rest of the world out this is the answer to reuniting your family on car trips and around the home.

Runners, walkers, and joggers, I see you listening to your Ipod with one ear bud in and the other dangling so you can hear cars and other possible dangers around you. How do you decide which ear bud to leave in? Some older songs like the Beatles stuff is recorded in early stereo where one ear will be all the singing and the other is all the music. The audio bone is you answer. You can hear the music in stereo in your head and still hear everything going on around you too! All this and with a huge safety factor. Folks I’m not kidding you please take advantage of my 25 years of experience with this technology. Check out the AudioBone head phones on my site and order a pair for yourself and you friends and your children and you grandchildren. I honestly believe that earbuds will be outlawed in a few years as this bone conduction technology comes to light. You don’t believe me? Ok try to find glasses made with non shatter proof glass! 25 years ago we just hoped that folks wearing glasses would not get hit by anything that might shatter them. Now you couldn’t find a pair of glasses with non shatterproof lens if your life depended on it.!

So, why not beat the curve and be the first to have the “IT” thing this year?
And on top of all this I was able to arrange a special deal with the company’s distributor in America a company called Gamechangers Innovations. Ganmechangers has agreed to give $10 off the price to anyone using this stmichaelspod special podcast code. It is simply “mike001” and you enter it when you check out your shopping cart on their page. All you do is go to the Gamechangers website at and you can order them using my special code “mike001” While you are at their website you can see a 2 minute video demo of how they work and you can see the colors which are available too.

You will not be sorry I promise you. Also Gamechangers has a 30 unconditional satisfaction guaranty and they warrenty the Audio Bone for 6 months so you can’t miss with these guys!

Christmas is coming and this would be an excellent way to give a gift that kicks it up a notch without deafening your loved ones.

Please! Please! Please! I’m begging you to get a pair, or two, or three, and save your hearing and the hearing of everyone you know. Tell everyone about this phenomenal new product.

You may pass on my code “mike001” to anyone you know. Please do! Gamechangers will donate a small portion back to me for anyone using my code “mike001” but that is not the main reason I’m so excited about this, I’m excited because we can finally Rock on! Without losing the music.!

God bless you all!

Be Good and be Holy!

Michael A. Barone