This was an Oswald And The Herringbones “Live gig” at Presley’s on the Ohio State University Campus. Sometime around 1987 or 88. Cool place to play three levels and all. It was great fun to watch Tom run around the place on the wireless base and talk with people while we played. Very cool move Mr. Richard Midnight! Anyway, many of the same songs with slightly different twists occasionally tossed in to keep us interesting. Remember these are all sound board mixes, so you will want to boost your Base and/or Treble settings to get them sounding right!
Here they are!
(Fake Baggy) Who’s Gonna Love Me now
What Does This Mean?
Beware The Dogs
My Father Didn’t Fight In The War
Don’t Turn Me Down
Waiting Here Forever
My Friends Have Become Wolves
You Are My Sunshine
Crosstown Shuffle
My Baby Don’t Tell me Lies

Ok and here is a video from Presleys too.