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Thursday, December 15th, 2005

If you enjoyed hearing about Rollerchairball in one of my earlier podcasts you should enjoy this podcast which is its second part. One very fun thing about Rollerchairball is that the games are real, but the world of RCB is just fictional. The real fun is that there is a soap opera of sorts going on all the time in the minds of those of us who invented and play the game. After any and every match there is a press conference. Most of the absurd humor from the world of RCB comes from those conferences the questions asked and answered therein. This podcast episode is an interview between Brandon Lock, one of the founding Fathers of Rollerchairball, and me. I’m technically a founding father too but my title is sort of suspended because I came to the game one day after it was started. This was because I thought, like so many others have, that it was a stupid game. Boy was I wrong!The only really Catholic element to RCB is that a player must attend 15 minutes of Eucharistic Adoration on the day he or she is to play a match. It is mandatory that they do this. We have had many thousands of hours of Eucharistic Adoration over the 7 years that Rollerchairball has been in existence. All done pretty much by teenagers and young adults. This podcast is just a fun romp in the fictional world of of RCB so do not take it as anything other than that. It should be fun, so enjoy!
Michael A. Barone

Rending Rent

Thursday, December 8th, 2005

This podcast is about the movie “Rent”. Some friends of mine went to see it and although they have loved and listened to the music for the past year, they were appalled that the movie (and the play by extention) was a glorification of the homosexual lifestyle. In this podcast I interviewed Patrick McDonald and Mackenzie Eckert and got the Catholic perspective of the movie’s agenda for you. This podcast in no way is intended to insult, degrade, persecute, or discriminate against anyone afflicted with the terrible disease of A.I.D.S. which is a common theme throughout the movie and play. However, keeping with the “love the sinner but hate the sin” mentality, it is meant to expose the movie and play in a way that will hopefully keep you from spending money to see them, and thus supporting the glorification of the active homosexual lifestyle which The Church says is disordered and sinful.
Michael A. Barone

Warm & Fuzzy? Or Worn & Fuzzy!

Wednesday, December 7th, 2005

This podcast is just a thought or two about life, hope, and getting a little distracted. Welcome to my rambling thought process and its “perilous search for a home!” Just a little fun, hopefully with some useful insight. Enjoy!
Michael A. Barone