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DO NOT SEE the movie “Noah”!

Friday, April 4th, 2014

Dear Friends, Catechists, Edge Leaders, Core Group, Parents and Teens,

I would be remiss in my duties as a Catholic educator if I did not warn you of the serious problems with the movie “Noah”.
There are many things about the movie’s portrayal of the biblical story that are VERY misleading and in my humble opinion dangerous to a Christian mindset.
The main issue I have with this movie is that it will confuse and mislead in areas where we already have confusion, ignorance, and poor catechesis about our story as God’s people.
The movie only loosely connects to anything that can be called “Scriptural”, and it takes MANY liberties with the Truth as we have been given it in God’s living word; the bible.
It you have seen the movie already, as many people have, please take a few minutes to read the actual biblical story starting in the 6th chapter of the Book of Genesis. In this manner you will at least know the correct version of the story.
Please do not let your children watch this movie it will plant ideas and concepts in their minds which will be contrary to the Truth.
If you want to see a good Catholic Movie this Lenten season, go see “God’s Not Dead”. Written by two very Catholic men, it is a far better use of your time and money.
I have not yet seen “Son of God”. I am hoping it will be a good portrayal of Jesus Christ. If it is not I will let you know.
If you have seen “Noah” and have questions about the biblical accuracy or my sharp criticism of the movie, feel free to call, write, or just come by my office for details.
Do all that you can to warn other believing Christians not to see this movie.
God bless you all!
In His Peace,
Michael A. Barone
Director of Youth Ministry
SJOA Catholic Church