Rending Rent

This podcast is about the movie “Rent”. Some friends of mine went to see it and although they have loved and listened to the music for the past year, they were appalled that the movie (and the play by extention) was a glorification of the homosexual lifestyle. In this podcast I interviewed Patrick McDonald and Mackenzie Eckert and got the Catholic perspective of the movie’s agenda for you. This podcast in no way is intended to insult, degrade, persecute, or discriminate against anyone afflicted with the terrible disease of A.I.D.S. which is a common theme throughout the movie and play. However, keeping with the “love the sinner but hate the sin” mentality, it is meant to expose the movie and play in a way that will hopefully keep you from spending money to see them, and thus supporting the glorification of the active homosexual lifestyle which The Church says is disordered and sinful.
Michael A. Barone