On James Cameron’s Finding Christ’s Body

I think it is time for a class action lawsuit against the people who make these claims. Isn’t there such a thing as public fraud anymore? If Mr. Cameron and friends can not prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that they found Jesus Christ’s un-resurrected body, then they should be charged in public fraud for personal gain.

There are so many ways in which they could be wrong and only one way in which they could be right. To make outrageous claims like this and then sit back and watch the money roll in from books and movies is irresponsible at best and downright damnable if they are wrong and they know it. I challenge them to put all their money (book and movie proceeds) up in escrow to be given to charities if they are proven wrong within 2 years. Let’s see how certain they are of their “findings” then. Otherwise, just admit they’re just on the take and in danger of eternal consequences.

Yours in the resurrected Christ,

Michael A. Barone