The Bus Trip Home from the March For Life

This podcast is the bus trip home from the March for Life in DC Jan 22 & 23 2006.

In my previous podcast “Offer It Up!”, I was talking about the rough time I was having getting through my week. I mentioned that it could be because God was asking me to offer it up for the conversion of the people who support abortion, maybe even for some of the people who were about to go on the trip with me. I think this podcast will answer the question of whether any hearts were effected by the trip, including my own.

The audio is a bit crude since I was recording it from a bus microphone over a bus PA system with all the road and background noises. I’ve left the audio fairly raw with a few adjustments to the EQ to take out some low end bus rumblings. Other wise this is how it sounds. Just listen more to the messages of the teens rather than my production values on this one! You will like what you hear!

Peace In Christ Through Mary!
Michael A. Barone