Offer It Up!

Ok, this podcast is just a brutally honest assessment of my week so far.

I’m thinking that things are tough because I’m heading off to the March For Life in Washington, DC. It seems to me that things are getting harder on the way there.

I know I’m just passing through some difficult situations dealing with work and local heretics, personal turf wars, and home ownership battles, but it still irks me! I may sound like I’m whining, I hope not!

My hope is to share with you the real struggles of a man, born Catholic, and trying to live according to the Church without beating someone (or something) to death! This is all due to stress, incompetence, and all around frailty caused by the leavings of original sin. How about that!?!

Does this sound like an intriguing podcast? Give a listen then email me and tell me what a whiny cuss I’m being! Just pray for me too. That is all I ask!

God is good! All the time! I will praise Him in the good times and in the bad times as well!

Your faithful podcasting host,

Michael A. Barone