The (Duh) Da Vinci Hoax!

This Podcast is a re-broadcast of a speech given by Carl Olson, who is a leading Catholic expert in de-bunking the Da Vinci Code. Carl is a good friend and graciously has allowed us to post this podcast of his speech.

I felt the need to post this podcast because I had three separate run ins with the “Da Vinci Code” novel today. Please know that this book is absolute trash. Please do not buy it, or read it. Instead listen to this podcast and you will have almost all the knowledge you will need to realize what crap the “Da Vinci Code” is, and that it is not worth the paper on which it is written. For any other knowledge on this subject that you might feel you need to be one of the cool kids at school, or one of the smart guys around the water cooler at work, or just to be a well informed Catholic Christian, visit Carls web site at Or to purchase his most excellent book “The Da Vinci Hoax” visit or

Here is some of what has been said about Carl and his book “The Da Vinci Hoax”.

An August 2, 2004 review of The Da Vinci Hoax in The Washington Times states: “The Da Vinci Hoax by Carl E. Olson . . . and Sandra Miesel, a trained medievalist and veteran Catholic journalist, is the latest and perhaps the most thorough (amply sourced and footnoted) and engrossing of the many anti-Brown books that have emerged as sales of The Da Vinci Code itself have soared. . . . Mr. Olson and Mrs. Miesel write gracefully, wear their erudition lightly, and have produced a work that is far more readable, intelligent and valuable than the novel it debunks.”

“The title of this book by Carl Olson and Sandra Miesel says it all. The authors of The Da Vinci Hoax deserve our gratitude for exposing in considerable detail and with a sure touch the fabrications of Dan Brown’s book. Theirs is the definitive debunking.” — Cardinal Francis George Archbishop of Chicago

“Finally! Someone has taken the trouble to counter the absurdities of The Da Vinci Code, and to confront all the anti-Christian and anti-Catholic rhetoric that book has inspired. In writing their own well-informed and well-argued text, Olson and Miesel have done a real service, not just to Christians, but to anyone weary of contemporary fads and foolishness. And unlike the original Code, The Da Vinci Hoax is a delight to read.” — Philip Jenkins Distinguished Professor of History and Religious Studies, Pennsylvania State University

“As one who has written mainly on the first 325 years of Christianity and The Da Vinci Code, it is a pleasure to recommend a book that covers additional questions so well. The Da Vinci Hoax is loaded with detail and corroborates many observations I also made. It is a responsible response to the misguided claims of the novel.” — Darrell L. Bock, Ph.D., Author, Breaking the Da Vinci Code

“Olson and Miesel have done a superb and meticulous job of dissecting the fraud which is The Da Vinci Code. Not only Christians, but all fair –minded people owe them a debt of gratitude.” — James Hitchcock Professor of History, St. Louis University

“Olson, [former] editor of Envoy magazine and a Catholic author with an evangelical background, and Miesel, a journalist with master’s degrees in biochemistry and medieval history, provide a wealth of richly detailed historical and theological information in their extensive volume. Chapters are arranged topically and thoroughly cover the subject under discussion, whether it’s Gnosticism or the Knights Templar or Leonardo’s art. More than the other titles, this book looks at the cultural and religious factors that have combined to contribute to the success of DVC.” — Marcia Ford,