Thanks to all of you who came out to the show October 26th. We had a great time. It was most gratifying to see so many old friends and make so many new ones! The Barberettes were there, Steve’s Daughter jammed on Dishwasher Blues and many great memories were made. Steve says we raised a good deal of funds for Phil Henry so thank you all for you contributions to his help. Please visit www.Philsfight.com too.

There were a lot of questions about if we will play out more. It was very cool that people at interested enough to ask. The answer is yes if Neal is game. So everyone write him (nhavener@aol.com)and email and tell him that you would like him to play more for you and the rest will be history as they say. I suppose it may take a while as Tom is off to Russia for a few weeks. (It’s a spy thing or something like that!) Please pray for his safe return to us. I’ll try to post any future gigs here if you all swing Neal!

Ok well thanks again!

God bless you all!

Michael A. Barone

P.S. There are Herringbone Songs posted on the blue link on the right side of this page. Feel free to download them and enjoy. There are only a few. I’ll post more in time. These are mp3s of the board tapes from some of our old shows so don’t expect miracles but they are fun and good enough for most ipods and desktop computer listeners.