My Vote for The Next Pope; Cardinal Raymond L. Burke

Cardinal Raymond Burke & me






I don’t get to vote really! But if I did, I would be hoping for Cardinal Raymond L. Burke to be elected by his fellow Cardinals to the Chair of Peter.

As the Bishop of the Diocese of Lacrosse, WI, he hired me and Ed Cotter to come up there and bring the Dead Theologian’s Society to his diocese. At the time I was the President and Co-Founder of  DTS.   He hired me as  a Director of Youth Ministry over a Deanery of 14 parishes and helped Ed secure funding to become a full time National Director of DTS. He was the first bishop to examine DTS in detail and approve it for his diocese. He was (and I believe he still is) a great supporter of the organization. He has a real heart for Catholic Youth Ministry and he is a brilliant man. He was whisked away from us and made an Archbishop of St. Louise, MO, and then shortly after he was made a Cardinal and asked to be in Rome at the Apostolic Signatura.  Which is a very high office in the Church and a perfect way to get to know the inner workings of the Vatican.  More than all this though, he is a very Holy and Pro-life man. I hope God blesses us with Cardinal Burke as the next Holy Father. We could use his youth, his wisdom, and his heart!

Michael A. Barone ~

Former President of DTS