True Greatness

This podcast is a reflection on my life as I stand at a new set of crossroads. I find myself here after a recent move, a personal friendship crisis of sorts, and a seemingly fruitless job search.

In life there is a time to blow your own horn, to accentuate the positive, and maybe even allow folks to think you are something more than you are. There is also a time for mortification of the ego and severe humility regardless of whatever seeming greatness looms in your not so distant past. I find myself alternately experiencing both of these things at the same time.

Since I want to present myself in the best light while job hunting, I have to blow my own horn so to say. I mean who else is going to do that for me?

However, since I realize it all depends on God and everything good including a good job ultimately must come from Him; I can see the need for self recollection and a humble malleable heart.

This may also help any of you who always think the grass is greener just over the fence.

All my life I wanted to achieve greatness, but I find God is just now starting to teach me what greatness is all about.

I hope you find this humorous look at the inner workings of my mind…well…humorous!

God bless you!

Michael A. Barone