Rollerchairball Podcast

This is the Rollerchairball podcast that will help explain the RCB video below.
Listen to the podcast first and see if you would be interested in starting a league of your own.

For all you Catholic Youth Ministers out there who are struggling to get teens and young adults to come to your parish YM programs. RCB (as it is also known) is a great way to bring in a crowd.

If you are not a Catholic youth minister you can substitute the Eucharistic Adoration portion with an hour of Praise and Worship, or just a good old prayer hour. Remember the eligibility requirement is only 15 minutes but you want to be there for the full hour to help and to answer questions too.

Afterward you will want to referee the RCB matches and even play yourself. It will kick your YM group into high gear, I promise!

Michael A. Barone
Commissioner of Rollerchairball
North Central American League