Beware the Dogs

Beware The Dogs is a self indulgent trip down a musical memory lane for me. It has nothing to do with Catholic issues and is pretty much a chance for me to check out my second podcast to make sure we are up and working. The podcast follows the four different reditions of a song I wrote (when I was 18 years old) as it was recorded over a 10 year period by my MTV Basement Tape award winning band “Oswald And The Herringbones” Check out and search Herringbones for 19 more songs we wrote in the big 80’s. It is interesting if you have never heard a song go from its most basic tracks to a multitrack recording. The first two versions are pretty weak but by the last one hopefully it is worth the wait (I’m sure it will be if you are a Cleveland Browns Fan or a DAWG POUNDER!). Special thanks go to all the different band members over the years, Steve Sims, Tom Boyer, Neal Havener, Norm Hicks, Brad Haley, and Andy “Ydna” Harrison. I hope you like the podcast it is really just a fun one for me. The bottom line is that we (The Herringbones) loved the 1988 Cleveland Browns Football team and the song at the very end is dedicated to them. There is nothing overly Catholic about the podcast this time unless you agree with us that The Cleveland Browns are probably God’s most favorite team in the NFL. Here is why…He only chastizes those he loves… and it has been… well close to the required 40 years since we have visited the promised land of the Superbowl!

Michael A. Barone